My independent study explores the factors influencing the college choice process. Specifically, I looked at financial aid, sports, parental involvement, campus size, and academic reputation. I gathered and researched literature on the selection process and began to select theories. I analyzed and applied conflict theory, functionalist theory, and social reproduction theory. To collect data, I conducted a survey distributed to The College of Wooster students. I found from my research that students attend The College of Wooster based on two major factors: how much financial aid and scholarship money a student receives and the academic reputation of the school. My research also shows that parents are significantly involved in their children's educational selection process. Also, my data proves that the size of a college, the location, and the sports reputation all playa major determinant in the college choice process. My findings support many of my theories. Conflict, social reproduction, and impression management theories all support my findings.


Nurse, Anne M.


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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