Over the past century, there has been an increasing interest in using spiritual healing techniques instead of, or in addition to, the use of modern medicine. With that, there has been much debate over how to maintain ones’ Christian beliefs and still accept the new innovations of the present era. Therefore, in an attempt to show how faith and science can still coexist in the world today, this paper examines spiritual healing practices and ideologies within the context of Christianity overtime. By exploring Christian healing techniques from the early works of Jesus to the 20th century, my research led to a proposed resolution that has offered many Christians a way to uphold their holistic views concerning religion and science. The solution, which concludes my paper, emerged with the newfound beliefs of Mark Baker Eddy and the establishment of Christian Science, a religion that is centered around religion of the past and science of the present.


Religious Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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