This thesis presents an exploration of the spiritual seeker's mystical journey to the Divine. lalaluddin Rumi and Saint Augustine are the spiritual seekers of focus within this thesis. Their lives and works are intimately examined and the similarities and differences between Rumi and Augustine have been discussed. However, the framework for this thesis has been centered around the similar themes demonstrated by and within both seeker's. Through the close examination of their lives and specific works that have been chosen for this thesis, their individuality is sustained and the similarities and differences in relation to their pursuit of the Divine are made apparent. Specific poems by Rumi and Augustine's Confessions make up the works of primarily focus throughout this thesis. This aided in the development of discernment regarding Rumi and Augustine's mystical journey. Overall, a variety of sources have been consulted in order to conduct the research for this thesis. However, it is important to note that this thesis is addressing a topic that has not been well-researched or commented on. In that sense, some of Rumi' s poems examined in this thesis as well as Augustine's Confessions, have been analyzed in accordance with that fact. This thesis begins with a discussion of the mystical journey in conjunction with influential aspects found within the spiritual seekers as they embark on this journey. The core of this thesis provides a biographical sketch of Rumi and Augustine as well as an exploration of Rumi's poetry and Augustine's Confessions. The conclusion of this thesis offers a comparison of both seekers in relation to the similarities and differences discovered.


Graham, Mark


Religious Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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