Religion is a subject which is often overlooked in the public school setting. Educators do not realize the importance the subject has on the students' lives and education. This thesis explores how an education rich in religious studies, can help students academically, and emotionally, to become more understanding of their own religion as well as others. Students are not the only focus of this paper. Teachers and parents can also benefit from religious education. Children easily follow the actions and attitudes of their parents or adults whom they respect. It is important that all aspects of the child's life are surrounded by positive attitudes towards those who are considered religiously different. This thesis offers several suggestions on how parents and teachers can positively integrate religious studies into their daily lives and the importance of doing so. This thesis has been divided into five chapters which explores background information of the overall problem of religious studies in public schools, how to create a comfortable environment for learning, why it is important to teach religious studies at a young age, what role the teachers play in the process, and important lessons can be learned through religious studies. Finally, different lesson ideas and teaching methods have been suggested to help aid the transition of incorporating religious studies into public classrooms. The process of changing to a new curriculum is not always easy and often very confusing. Many guidelines have been explored throughout Thesis and hopefully many of the reader's questions will be answered.


Kammer, III, Charles L.


Religious Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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