This thesis is a modest investigation into the content of modern theological reflection regarding the Christian understanding of salvation. It consists of an introduction, three main body chapters, and a conclusion chapter. The purpose of this thesis is to come to an understanding of Christian ideas of salvation that have developed during the previous century, focusing on the ideas of Karl Barth's neo-orthodoxy, liberation theology, and Theology of Walter Wink. The selections were made from the limited pool of generally "mainline" Protestant and post-Vatican II Catholic theologies. A treatment of the more straightforward ideas of salvation represented by evangelical and Pentecostal Christian theologies, as well as more obscure Christian traditions, is for another thesis at another time. Selections were made with the understanding that the goal of this treatment of salvation theologies in modern Christian theology is ultimately applicability and availability to Christian clergy and laity alike. Hopefully some sort of comprehensive synthesis will emerge from the analysis of these various theologies, incorporating the broadest and best aspects of.


Kammer, III, Charles L.

Second Advisor

Scholz, Susanne


Religious Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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