This study examined different theories of creativity and reflectiveness and their relationship to religion and spirituality. Different theories were discussed and then examined to see how they actually relate to the lives of people. Fourteen students at The College of Wooster, eight females and six males, were interviewed about the role of religion and spirituality as well as creativity and imagination in their lives. Other questions were asked in an attempt to determine the level of reflection and reflectiveness in their lives. Answers were quantified to some extent to see how many interviewees mentioned particular things, and the responses were discussed in relation to trends and correlations found among all the interviewees as well as individual participants. Due to the subjective nature of the study, it was hard to define reflectiveness objectively, but nevertheless, trends were found that seem to indicate significant relationships between imagination/creativity and spirituality/religiosity and between reflectiveness and spirituality/religiosity.


Sylvan, Robin

Second Advisor

Thompson, Claudia R.


Religious Studies; Psychology

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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