This thesis is the culmination of a sixteen hour intervention program done with high school teens on conflict resolution and its relationship to their Christian faith. I taught the program to a combined group of youth from two local Christian parishes in Wooster, Ohio, covering the topics of conflict resolution techniques, anger management, and their relationship to Christian values.Chapter I of this thesis contains Theological background for my study. It presents Christian teachings on nonviolence and justice. Work on these issues must begin on the personal level, so conflict resolution is taught in the context of interpersonal relationships in the intervention program. After mastering these techniques in interpersonal relationships, people can use these techniques to solve larger social problems more effectively. Chapter II of this thesis discusses the design and methodology of the study including the process of recruiting participants and the materials used in the design of the program. It also presents adolescent social, cognitive, moral, and faith development as a basis for designing an effective program. Chapter III of this thesis contains a discussion of the data obtained from the teens during the sessions, including the content taught, how the teens assimilated the material, and how their understandings of the concepts developed. Comments that they made and descriptions of some of the activities are covered. Chapter IV, is an evaluation of both the content and the pedagogy of the program. The conclusion states that the teens did learn the conflict resolution techniques and were able to incorporate them into their lives. They were also able to relate to conflict resolution some Christian values they had been taught. Thesis concludes with suggestions for a future program.


Kammer, III, Charles L.


Religious Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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