This work discusses how questions of race, class, immigration and nationality have changed since 1948. To answer it I looked at the 1981 Brixton race riot and the 2011 UK urban youth riots. I argue that, despite improvements in black and white race relations, British society has continued to discriminate against black-Brits on multiple levels. I have also found that since the 1980s there has been a governmental and, more generally, a societal neglect of the working-class population as a whole. In regards to the findings of other scholars and historians, my work looks at both urban, poor blacks and whites as a class, without ignoring the vast differences in their racial and cultural experiences. For much of my study, I am also looking exclusively at both black and white urban youths. I look for causality of the discrimination through various factors such as, economics, housing, culture and policing. I seek to find out how societal issues in a first-world country could come to the point of violent rioting on the streets.


King, Shannon




Ethnic Studies | European History


race, great britain

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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