In this Senior Independent Study I look at Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire and what effect they had on the Carolingian Renaissance and the development of medieval society. I specifically look at Charlemagne's origins, the history of the man Charles, and also the history of the myth of Charlemagne. By looking at how Charles became Charlemagne, what led to it, as well as what resulted from Charles' evolution from man to legend I can also see what impact this transformation had on European culture. From my research I have seen how Charlemagne's rise to imperial power helped to bring about the Carolingian Renaissance, and thus also helped to bring about a shift in Western European society from the mix of Roman and Germanic traditions that had dominated into a new society and culture, which would then develop and become the culture of medieval Europe.


Hettinger, Madonna




European History

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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