Characterization of Siderophore Transporters ABC1 and MFS1 in Histoplasma capsulatum Pathology

Emily Weitz, The College of Wooster


Iron acquisition is vital for survival of Histoplasma capsulatum in hosts, but little is known about the genes that regulate this virulence factor. H. capsulatum acquires iron from host cells by the production and utilization of siderophores. Seven co-regulated genes are thought to be responsible for siderophore activity and are transcribed under low iron conditions, however, only one of the seven genes has been previously characterized. Two of the genes, ATP-binding cassette protein 1 (ABC1) and major-facilitator superfamily 1 (MFS1), are thought to be transmembrane siderophore transporter proteins. Characterization of both ABC1 and MFS1, using real time PCR and RNA interference, could bring further insight to the H. capsulatum siderophore mechanism, the direction of siderophore transmembrane transporters, and the possibility of a new drug target.


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