The purpose of my Independent Study is to explore the Rocky Horror Picture Show as both a stage performance and a floor show that has the ability to deeply affect the viewers through audience participation. I propose that through the liminal time that is a Rocky Horror event, both the cast and the audience members are able to play with gender and sexual constructs. The concept for my project is to study the church-like gatherings and popular ritual habits of the audience. In doing this, I hope to discover how both the stage production and film of The Rocky Horror Picture Show create a doorway for the audience to misbehave or act out of the norm of society. I intend to show how sexuality and ritualism/religion add or possibly, promote audience behavior. I will combine both concepts of ritualistic/religion and gender/sexuality to support my thought that both constructs play a key role in audience participation. I explore these concepts through the notions of liminality, communitas, and the "Rites of Passage." Although there is literature that provides the same type of information, I will be combining the two concepts to support the main idea that audience participation is widely influenced by both constructs.


Noriega, Jimmy


Theatre and Dance




rocky horror picture show, gender, sexuality, ritual, religion

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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