This project stems from a simple premise: human beings are currently misusing and mismanaging water sources in a way that that threatens the health and wellbeing of billions of people today, of other life forms, of entire ecosystems, and of future generations. In other words, we are exploiting and degrading the resource that is perhaps most crucial to the continuation of life on Earth. While there are countless changes that must be made if the current situation is to improve instead of further decline (as many sources indicate will happen if we do not direct serious attention to this issue), I suggest that one very important piece of this is that we must change the way we value water. I will therefore look broadly at the way that Hindu and Chinese religious traditions value water, proper relationships, and duties to others and to society, as a remedy to the problems we now face. This will serve as a basis for demonstrating ways in which these traditions can be engaged to better actively care for the earth's waters. Finally, I will demonstrate ways in which valuations of water, relationships, and harmony are being applied by Hinduism and Chinese religions today in light of the ecological problems both countries face. Ultimately, such a cross-cultural approach demonstrates concrete ways of valuing and actively caring for water sources.


Crothers, Lisa


Religious Studies




hinduism, chinese religions, environment, ecology, water, ethics

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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