This thesis examines the agency of participants in the True Woman movement whose commitment to submission often proves troubling to outside critics. Drawing from his theoretical work on modern disciplinary power relationships, this project utilizes a Foucauldian framework to analyze observations surrounding the shared body of knowledge unique to biblical womanhood, the disciplinary techniques leaders employ, and acts of resistance within the '10 True Woman Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Data was collected through participant observation at a weekend-long true woman gathering, content analysis of public messages, and several informal interviews and conversations with true women. Ultimately, this analysis demonstrates that true women adopt attitudes and lifestyles-ones that include submission-as free agents. Moving from the assumption of agency that this project explores and supports, future research can expand the existing body of scholarly work surrounding the true woman worldview and the ramifications of participants' chosen associations with biblical womanhood.


Religious Studies; Sociology and Anthropology




evangelical, christian, conservative, women, agency, foucault, power, discipline

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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