This paper examines religion's relationship with popular fiction, in particular its relationship with science fiction and vampire fiction. Through analysis of the novels, Dune for the sci-fi chapter and Twilight, House of Night, Blue Bloods, and the Silver Kiss for the vampire chapter, I argue that each genre uses religion in a different way. I will also discuss the author's relationship with the work they have produced and look at audience response to the novels where it is possible. Science fiction uses it as a world building and society-shaping tool. Vampire fiction uses it in shaping the identities of the characters. In the vampire chapter I use Ninian Smart's seven dimensions of religion to examine the religion in the novels. I did this because there is so much to look at and it organized it very nicely. This paper argues with the help of the novels that I chose, for there to be more study of popular fiction in relation to religion, perhaps in either the religion and literature or the religion and popular culture studies, but it would best fit somewhere in between the two with some cooperation and study on either side.


Graham, Mark


Religious Studies



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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