In my Independent Study, I analyze the flâneur, a nineteenth century literary figure known for wandering the streets of Paris. Born as a result of modernity, the flâneur sought refuge in the majestic arcades of Paris, absorbing every detail of this new modern life. By using Walter Benjamin's unfinished work, "Arcades Project," I attempt to define the flâneur in more precise terms. From here, I build a case to disprove Benjamin's assumption that the flâneur disappeared along with the advent of materialism. By discussing poetry, paintings, literature, and film from three distinct periods, I construct a more concrete image of the modern flâneur and of Paris. In concluding, my own recent experience as a flâneur helps to put into perspective the special role the city of Paris plays in the well-being of this unique literary figure.


Durham, Carolyn


French and Francophone Studies


French and Francophone Language and Literature


flaneur, paris, walter benjamin, charles baudelaire, constantin guys, arcades

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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