Pyridinium bromide perbromide as an analytical reagent

Stuart G. Wakeham, The College of Wooster


"Pyridinium bromide perbromide (PBPB) has been used as a quantitative reagent for the determination of both unsaturated and aromatic organic compounds. A fast rate of bromination with PBPB and a bright color which persists after the equivalence point, have made possible photometric titrations with good results. Aromatic ethers, amines, and phenols, and some unsaturated compounds have been titrated with PBPB to within one percent recovery in most cases. This project has two major objectives. First is the continuation of a previous study of quantitative determination of aniline and some monosubstituted anilines by titration with PBPB. The second part is an examination, in light of past successes with organic compounds, of the possibility of extending the scope of PBPB as a quantitative reagent to include more complex organic compounds, as well as some inorganic substances."


© Copyright 1970 Stuart G. Wakeham