This collection of work focuses on the appropriation of Dutch images of status and identity in regards to the portrayal of people deemed to be "merrymakers." Inspired by the paintings of Frans Hals, I chose to explore the stigmas of bourgeois identity and standards of portraiture through the juxtaposition of misplaced, contemporary subjects with elite Flemish objects and common poses. My subjects were chosen based on the exuberance of their personalities in relation to certain works of Hals', and were rendered using similar methods and styles of his painting. In addition, an essential part of this work was created through the observation of gatherings of people in Wooster bars or other communal locations. This provides an accurate correlation between Hals' jolly fools, and their modern counterparts today.


Milligan, Bridget


Art and Art History


Art and Design

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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