The purpose of this study is to look at the concept of Prisoner Reentry and the Reentry Court System in Wayne County. Previous research suggests that there are three major issues that prisoners face upon reentering society, housing, education, and employment. This study seeks to analyze those three primary concepts in relation to reentry and to illustrate how Reentry Court is addressing those issues. There is a strong theoretical framework that guides and directs the analysis. Both observation and interview methods were implemented. Data suggests that employment, housing, education, and transportation are the largest issues that prisoners face in their transitions back into society. These issues can lead to recidivism if not dealt with, but there is promise in how Reentry Court is structured to tackle these issues. Policy implications are integrated into the conclusion of the study to suggest future direction for Reentry Court based on what the data collected for this study suggests.


Nurse, Anne


Sociology and Anthropology


Criminology | Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance


prisoner reentry, reentry court, housing, employment, education, recidivism

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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