This study analyzed prior research on racism, the stacking phenomenon in the NFL and the influence of sports media outlets on the issues. It incorporated sociological theories such as Goffman‟s framing theory, Mead‟s social interactionism theory and critical race theory. This was done by doing a content analysis of NFL game recaps in ESPN articles for the entire 2011-2012 NFL season for eight quarterbacks (4 Black and 4 White). The intent of the study was to investigate the way media portrays and describes quarterbacks in historically racist terms depending on race of the quarterback. The study analyzed the difference in frequency of physical and intellectual comments of Black and White quarterbacks as well as the frequency of positive and negative comments made in each area. The overall findings determine that while media does not ignore Black‟s intellectual abilities at quarterback, Black quarterbacks are much more positively talked about in positive athletic terms than intellectual and White quarterbacks are still looked at in more positive intellectual terms and are still not as widely recognized as athletic.


Tierney, Thomas


Sociology and Anthropology


Race and Ethnicity | Sports Studies


stacking, race in professional sports, racism, media

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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