The primary objective of this research study at the College of Wooster was to evaluate the relationship between various social factors and athletic performance under pressure. Both survey and interview methods were used to uncover significant trends involving gender, race, class year, sport type, and relationships involving sports. The survey portion of this study's research included responses from 166 participants while the interview portion of this study's research included responses from 16 participants. Using a thorough review of recent scholarly literature, a composed theoretical framework, and a systematic methodology, this study produced several significant findings contributing to the field of sociological research on athletic performance under pressure. A college student-athlete's relationship with their father was the most significant influential factor on athletic performance under pressure for all of the study's demographic groups. This finding, along with various other relevant findings, helps us in determining which factors student-athletes attribute their success to and exactly how those different influences are measured.


Gunn, Raymond


Sociology and Anthropology


Gender and Sexuality | Sports Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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