This thesis explores the subculture feudals have maintained in Pakistan, since the partition of India and Pakistan, and how this subculture has maintained traditional gender roles while having an influence Pakistani politics (current President of Pakistan is a feudal). It further explores various practices of the subculture, which can be viewed as ways to subordinate women's roles in Pakistani society. Although, there are five subcultures in Pakistan, feudals subculture has the most influence in politics, and through this thesis I attempt to explain the reasons behind their domination. This thesis was conducted by interviewing feudal men and feudal women in Pakistan. Results have implied that feudals believe men and women are naturally born different, the latter being the weaker gender. Additionally, they show the influence feudals play in Pakistani politics. Future research may strengthen these results. For future research, there should be an increased number of participants; specifically, un-educated feudals, residing in rural areas of Pakistan. To further strengthen this research, government authoritative figures should be interviewed as well.


Craven, Christa


Sociology and Anthropology


Peace and Conflict Studies | Race and Ethnicity | Regional Sociology | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Sociology of Culture

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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