Many historians have studied the vast history of Rome and some anthropologists have begun to study the impacts of tourism on particular societies; however, few scholars have investigated the impacts of tourism on Roman society. This lack of research is surprising and quite interesting since Romans are one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and today, tourism is one of Rome's top industries today. Over the last 700 years, tourism in Rome has rapidly developed due to various attractions, including religion, academia, leisure, and marketed images. Therefore, the purpose of my research project is to investigate how tourism impacts the lives of Romans today. In order to understand this relationship, I interview 13 individuals who are familiar with Rome and its tourism. Their insight and opinions reflect the complex relationship that is tourism in Rome. Although tourism is currently believed to be mostly positive, the participants do voice concerns relating to Rome's future authenticity, commodification of culture, and the division mass tourism is bringing to the community. The data gathered from this study provides valuable information that needs to be taken into consideration for the future well-being of the Eternal City.


Navarro-Farr, Olivia


Sociology and Anthropology




italy, tourism, commodification, authenticity

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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