Despite the vast amount of research presented across disciplines on Japanese popular culture, there remains a large gap of knowledge in how fans are consuming Japanese popular culture and their motivations behind this consumption. This study aims to fill in this gap through a thorough analysis of surveys focusing on general consumption, interviews looking into specific appeal and behavior, and participant observations exploring Japanese popular culture conventions. While there are numerous findings and conclusions within this paper, the most holistic conclusion is that the appeal of Japanese popular culture lies in the creativity it displays in anime and manga, as well as the creativity it allows in the localized fan culture. This study is only a minor work in a growing body of research on such a topical phenomenon, but despite its size it presents through its data numerous implications that may contribute to further research on Japanese popular culture in America.


McConnell, David


Sociology and Anthropology




japanese popular culture, anime, manga, cosplay, j-pop, popular culture, japan, japanese, japnese popular culture in america

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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