The purpose of this project is to understand the complexity of ethnic and racial identity among domestic students of color at the College of Wooster. Through the use of a nineteen-question qualitative survey questionnaire, I intend to answer the following questions: 1) how do domestic students of color identify ethnically and racially, 2) how does the College of Wooster identify domestic students of color, 3) how do students of color negotiate their ethnic and racial identities with how the College identifies them, and 4) how do students of color evaluate the services and programs offered to them, based on their ethnic and racial identities, by the College. This project is intended to be an introductory step for further research on ethnic identity and students of color at higher education institutions.


Frese, Pamela


Sociology and Anthropology


Race and Ethnicity


identity, race, ethnicity, students of color, higher education, anthropology, student development

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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