This project will compare two automation testing frameworks, Selenium and WebdriverIO. These frameworks are used to make the programming of websites easier and more accurate, which are two components of a quality assurance program. My project will determine which framework is easier to use and more accurate in finding errors. To test this I will write programs using each framework and determine if common errors are found on my webpage. Common errors, including minimal calls to action; slow responsiveness; and no clear navigation, will all be examined. This project will give the web developer the necessary commands to run each of the tests within each framework and will compare the results. The test results showed that the two frameworks each detected most of the errors generated on the test webpage. Slight differences included more user friendliness and time to test. Overall, the WebdriverIO framework was easier to use compared to Selenium. Thus, suggesting that the armature tester should use WebdriverIO.


Montelione, Thomas


Computer Science


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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis


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