This study analyzes the experiences of Queer Christian college students. I used Social Identity Theory, identity salience, and Erving Goffman’s dramaturgical theory to explore this research. I looked at how different factors effect identity salience in queer Christians and how these individuals navigate their identities. I interviewed six participant who identified as both queer and Christian. Each individual’s experience with their religion and sexuality differed, and was in part shaped by their childhood experiences. This research is important because it explains how identities can develop and change over time. It also shows how the interaction of two identities can shape an individual’s experiences, and thus, there outlook on life. Furthermore, this research also stresses the importance of interacting with other queer Christians. Doing this can make one feel heard and seen, and thus give them a sense of belonging.


Fitz Gibbon, Heather


Sociology and Anthropology


Social and Behavioral Sciences


identity, sexuality, queer, social identity theory, navigation strategies

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis


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