In this thesis, I examine a conception of authenticity as a virtue. Then, after formally criticizing that conception, I develop and present a new conception, being authenticity as the product of virtue. I also address practical issues with the cultivation of authenticity. Throughout the project, I discuss the nature of inauthenticity as well as caring. I present a survey of literature which acts as a brief survey of varying conceptions of authenticity. well. In the survey of literature, I examine two schools of thought through the lens of four significant philosophers. I critique the positions of each philosopher for the purposes of understanding what my account of authenticity ought to have, versus what it ought not have in terms of theoretical framework. I also discuss other issues such as the concept of the self and the notion of historical and societal advancement and its implications for authenticity.


Rudisill, John




Applied Ethics | Ethics and Political Philosophy


Authenticity, Virtue Theory, Philosophy, Ethics

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis


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