This study examined the extent to which expectations towards romantic relationships are affected by interparental conflict (IPC). This study looked at personality and relationship factors, such as attachment anxiety, attachment avoidance, and commitment to determine if they mediated the relationship between IPC and expectations. Participants (n = 102) completed an online survey with measures of these constructs. The results indicate that higher levels of anxiety and avoidance predict lower relationship expectations while higher levels of commitment predict higher relationship expectations. In a mediation analysis, IPC was found to both be a direct predictor of expectations and was also found to be an indirect predictor of expectations when mediated through anxiety. This indicates that higher levels of IPC directly leads to lowered expectations and that higher levels of IPC leads to higher levels of anxiety, which then leads to lowered expectations.


Garcia, Amber




Other Mental and Social Health | Other Psychiatry and Psychology


Interparental conflict, attachment anxiety, attachment avoidance, commitment, expectations towards romantic relationships

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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