The present study examined the effects of pornography consumption on interpersonal relationship satisfaction. College of Wooster students (N = 97) were surveyed about their habits regarding pornography, including frequency of use, their primary format of use, the type consumed, and their feelings about this consumption. Participants were then asked about their satisfaction with romantic, sexual, and platonic relationships. The frequency of pornography use and consumption of hard-core pornography was positively correlated with overall relationship satisfaction. Participants who first encountered pornography at a younger age were more likely to consume more than those who encountered it later. Furthermore, gender differences in frequency of use and preferred format were present. Males reported consuming more pornography than females and only using digital forms, while females reported using digital, paper, and audio forms. There were no apparent differences in frequency of consumption and preferred format based on sexual orientation. The results of this study give insight into how pornography consumption may affect individuals’ lives. Because of the increasing relevancy of this topic within the digital age, more research should be done on the effects of pornography on relationships and other factors.


Clayton, Susan




Social Psychology


Pornography, Relationship Satisfaction

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis


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