This project is a continuation of my research and experience in Perugia, Italy in spring 2022. This project will explore the question of how political uncertainty and the traditions of women have shaped modern Italian food culture. Due to the expansive nature of this topic, I will specifically look at three key points in Italian history: (1) the unification of Italy(1848-1871), Fascist Italy (1922-1943), and Italian immigration to the States(1830-1943). The goal of this project is to center women in the discussion of history of Italian food culture. I do this by explicitly acknowledging the women and their traditions that made a unified and national food culture possible in Italy. Furthermore, I explore how their traditions were used and codified during periods of political and national uncertainty. Their bodies used to build a food culture and national identity.


Holt, Katie




European Languages and Societies | Genealogy | Italian Literature | Oral History | Other History | Other Italian Language and Literature | Political History | Social History | Women's History | Women's Studies


Artusi, Food Culture, Italian, Immigration, Women, Unification, Oral history, fascism

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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