This study was conducted to understand the uses and gratifications of fashion-based blogs. A survey was created to better understand why individuals use fashion-based blogs. I have chosen the uses and gratifications theory to help explain the reasons why individuals use fashion blogs. In the survey participants who are 18 years of age and older will explain the different reasons they use fashion-based blogs, if they have created their own fashion blog, some demographic questions, and the time usage spent using fashion-based blogs. The survey link was e-mailed to College of Wooster students, and friends/ family. My survey link was also posted on Facebook, as well as on my very own fashion blog that I have created. This survey will not include non- fashion blog users or readers. Conclusions showed significant results as to why individuals use fashion-based blogs, how they use fashion-based blogs, and the content individuals prefer to see in fashion-based blogs.


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Communication Technology and New Media

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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