Heading into Overtime/Tie Between Work and Life: Exploring Factors that Could Influence the Work-Life Balance of NCAA Division III Athletic Directors


The purpose of this study was to examine factors that could influence the work-life balance of NCAA Division III Athletic Directors. The factors explored were home and work support (including mentorship, resources, and programs), gender, responsibilities, leadership, and experience. Past work-life balance research included many occupations, but very little focus on athletic directing. This study, therefore, extended the scholarship and added to information on work-life balance published by the NCAA. The findings revealed that support (from work and home) and gender contribute to athletic directors' work-life balance. Likewise, leadership and experience related to work-life balance. One major implication to this study is that athletic directors should surround themselves with supportive persons.


Johnson, Michelle


Communication Studies


Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication


athletic directing, work-life balance

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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