Since the start of the millennium, fashion blogs have provided a major influence on the social media world by transforming themselves into key players within the fashion industry. Through these blogs, bloggers document their styles by using pictures of themselves or others who are fashionably inclined. Anyone, regardless of age, social status, or style can create a fashion blog, which is becoming a popular trend in the blogosphere. Studies found that in July 2010 over 2 million fashion blogs were circulating on the internet (Rocamora 409). The increased interest in fashion blogs has created a new space for individuals to express themselves, but also market products to the public. Through mediated interactions, fashion blogs are quickly changing the way the millennial generation processes self-expression and identity. I analyzed through focus group research how the millennial generation uses fashion blogs for the construction of self-identity and the purpose of making purchases.


Bostdorff, Denise


Communication Studies


Communication Technology and New Media


fashion blogs, millennial generation, identity, consumption

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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