This research relates to audiences. The primary goal is to determine how film can be used to instruct independent music artists in the areas of branding and promotion. To fulfill this goal, I will create a short documentary film called The Grey Area. The film is a compilation of interviews with independent music artists, music industry executives, music producers, songwriters, and entertainment lawyers who share the same passion I have for educating independent music artists on the best practices in promotion and branding. Success in these areas is a part of a larger framework of retaining relevance in the music industry. I will use my film to encourage independent artists to take action in promoting and branding their product: music. This research relates to two audiences. The primary audience consists of the individuals interested in using film as an instructive medium and is most represented in the physical research on film and branding. The secondary audience is the audience of the film, The Grey Area. The film's primary focus is on independent music artists who seek to brand and promote themselves, and will thereby utilize the film to discover the best practices for such an endeavor.


Bostdorff, Denise


Communication Studies


Broadcast and Video Studies | Communication Technology and New Media


art, music, business, management, media, communication, identity, rhetoric, film, organization, economics, theatre, branding, marketing, promotion, music industry, independent music, entrepreneurship

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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