Associate Professor - Earth Sciences [Department Chair]: Shelley Judge

The Department of Geology is now known as the Department of Earth Sciences. Here, you will find work related to the Department of Earth Sciences. If you wish to view the archive of work related to the Geology Department (pre-April 2018), please visit the Geology Department Archive page.

The Department of Earth Sciences offers two majors: Geology and Environmental Geoscience. Geology explores Earth's processes and materials over ‘deep’ time. The focus is on the physical planet and the structure, composition, evolution, and interactions of Earth’s geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. Geology is an integrative and diverse science major that applies aspects of chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and natural history to solve Earth-science problems. Environmental geoscience looks at how the physical environment interacts with humankind, and how Earth works as a system. The focus is on the physical environment, and in particular on the processes that happen on Earth’s surface, in the critical zone, where living organisms, air, water, rock, and soil meet. Environmental Geoscience is an environmental science major coupled with a strong geology foundation.


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