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Photograph of the Compton Family at the dedication ceremony for Otelia Compton Hall, known on campus as Compton Hall. The dedication ceremony was held on October 22nd, 1955 at Kauke Hall, on the academic quad. The people in this photograph are identified below.

(Left to right)

1st Row, Bottom: Catharine Compton Chase with Compton Chase, Sherret Chase Jr., Helen Chase, Catherine Chase (Cici)

2nd Row (seated): MaryBelle Compton, Margaret Compton (Mrs. Karl), Helen Compton (Mrs. Wilson), Wilson M. Compton, (Uncle) Beckett Augspurger, Anne Augspurger (Mrs. Otto), Otto Augspurger, Betty Compton (Mrs. Arthur), Arthur Holly Compton, Mary Compton Rice (Mrs. Herbert)

3rd Row: Mr. Frank Harrington, Mrs. Murray Augspurger (Florence), Ross Compton, Wilson Compton Jr., Leila Compton, Minnie Augspurger (Mrs. Victor), Victor Augspurger, A.W. Augspurger, Charles W. Compton, "Bill" Rathman, Robyn Rathman, Marguerite Rathman (Mrs. Ernest), Cecelia Augspurger Schultz (Mrs. Gustav), C. Herbert Rice

4th Row (2nd from top): Marjorie Anne Compton, Merle Augspurger, Helen Augspurger (Mrs. Merle), Helen, Compton Graham (Mrs. Robt.), William C. Compton, Marion Compton (Mrs. Wm.), Glen Augspurger, Grace Augspurger (Mrs. Glen), Gordon Augspurger, Mary Augspurger (Mrs. Gordon), Everett Augspurger, Olga Kennel Berky (Mrs. Herbert B.), Herbert Berky, Harley Simcox, (below): Edna Kennel Simcox (Mrs. Harley), Sherret Chase

5th Row (Top): Frederick G. Baker, Elaine Augspurger Baker (Mrs. F.G.), Nathalie Compton (Mrs. A.A.), Arther Alan Compton, Marjorie Yaple Compton (Mrs. John), Dorothy Compton (Mrs. Wilson Jr.), Amy Compton Skinner (Mrs. Don), Don Skinner, Mary Helen Compton Palmer (Mrs. Geo), George Palmer, Louise Compton (Mrs. Elmer), Elmer Compton, Elmer Curryer, Ernest Rathman

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Photograph of Compton Family at Compton Hall Dedication