Submissions from 2018

Swellable Organically Modified Silica (SOMS) as a Catalyst Scaffold for Catalytic Treatment of Water Contaminated with Trichloroethylene, Gokhan Celik, Saurabh A. Ailawar, Hyuntae Sohn, Yu Tang, Franklin Feng Tao, Jeffrey T. Miller, Paul L. Edmiston, and Umit S. Ozkan


Physical Chemistry of Gas-Liquid Interfaces: Foreword, Jennifer Faust

Submissions from 2017

Role of Aerosol Liquid Water in Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Volatile Organic Compounds, Jennifer Faust, Jenny P.S. Wong, Alex K. Y. Lee, and Jonathan P.D. Abatt

Submissions from 2016

Adsorption of Gas Phase Organic Compounds by Swellable Organically Modified Silica, Paul L. Edmiston, Laura J. West, Alison Chin, Noel Mellor, and David Barth


Microjets and coated wheels: versatile tools for exploring collisions and reactions at gas-liquid interfaces, Jennifer Faust and Gilbert M. Nathanson

Gas–Microjet Reactive Scattering: Collisions of HCl and DCl with Cool Salty Water, Jennifer Faust, Thomas B. Sobyra, and Gilbert M. Nathanson


Super-Maxwellian Helium Evaporation from Pure and Salty Water, Christine Hahn, Zachary R. Kann, Jennifer Faust, J. L. Skinner, and Gilbert M. Nathanson

Structural and Biochemical Characterization of 6-Hydroxynicotinic Acid 3-Monooxygenase, A Novel Decarboxylative Hydroxylase Involved in Aerobic Nicotinate Degradation, Katherine A. Hicks, Meigan E. Yuen, Wei Feng Zhen, Tyler J. Gerwig, Ryan W. Story, Megan C. Kopp, and Mark Snider

Impact of medium and ambient environment on the photodegradation of carmine in solution and paints, Leah M. Rader Bowers and Sarah J. Schmidtke Sobeck

Submissions from 2015

Solvent impact on the photophysical properties and excited state behavior of p-aminobenzoic acids, Jacob A. Boroff, Zachery D. Matesich, Daniela Canache Stuetzer, and Sarah J. Schmidtke Sobeck

Characterization of the arginine kinase isoforms in Caenorhabditis elegans, Dean Fraga, Manish Aryal, Joseph E. Hall, Evan Rae, and Mark Snider

Submissions from 2014

Ballistic Evaporation and Solvation of Helium Atoms at the Surfaces of Protic and Hydrocarbon Liquids, Alexis M. Johnson, Diane K. Lancaster, Jennifer Faust, Christine Hahn, Anna Reznickova, and Gilbert M. Nathanson

Cavity-Enhanced Overtone Spectroscopy of Methanol in Aprotic Solvents: Probing Solute-Solvent Interactions and Self-Associative Behavior, Da-Sol Kuen and Karl J. Feierabend

Spectral and structural characterization of 2-(fluorophenylamino)- and 2-(nitrophenylamino)-1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives, Elisa Leyva, Sarah J. Schmidtke Sobeck, Silvia E. Loredo-Carrillo, and Diego A. Magaldi-Lara

Submissions from 2013

X-Ray and Synchrotron Diffraction Studies of 2-(Pyridin-2-Yl)-1,10- Phenanthroline in the Role of Ligand for Two Copper Polymorphs or Hydrogen Bonded with 2,2,6,6-Tetramethyl-4-Oxopiperidinium Hexafluorophosphate, J. A. Krause, D. Zhao, S. Chatterjee, B. M. Yeung, W. B. Connick, and Sibrina N. Collins

Characterization of a Putative Oomycete Taurocyamine Kinase: Implications for the Evolution of the Phosphagen Kinase Family, A. Palmer, Brittany N. Begres, Jason M. Van Houten, Mark J. Snider, and Dean Fraga

Environmental Estrogens in an Urban Aquatic Ecosystem: Ii. Biological Effects, Melissa M. Schultz, T. A. Minarik, D. Martinovic-Weigelt, E. M. Curran, S. E. Bartell, and H. L. Schoenfuss

Submissions from 2012

Identification and Characterization of a Putative Arginine Kinase Homolog from Myxococcus Xanthus Required for Fruiting Body Formation and Cell Differentiation, J. Bragg, Andrei Rajkovic, C. Anderson, R. Curtis, Jason M. Van Houten, Brittany N. Begres, Colin Naples, and Mark J. Snider

Flight of a Cytidine Deaminase Complex with an Imperfect Transition State Analogue Inhibitor: Mass Spectrometric Evidence for the Presence of a Trapped Water Molecule, G. K. Schroeder, L. Zhou, Mark J. Snider, X. Chen, and R. Wolfenden

Effects of Triclosan and Triclocarban, Two Ubiquitous Environmental Contaminants, on Anatomy, Physiology, and Behavior of The Fathead Minnow (Pimephales Promelas), Melissa M. Schultz, S. E. Bartell, and H. L. Schoenfuss

Submissions from 2011

Rate Coefficients and Clo Radical Yields in the Reaction of O( 1D) With Cclf 2Ccl 2F, Ccl 3Cf 3, Cclf 2Cclf 2, and Ccl 2Fcf 3, M. Baasandorj, Karl J. Feierabend, and J. B. Burkholder

Improved Functionality and Control in the Isomerization of a Calix[4]Arene-Capped Azobenzene, Paul A. Bonvallet, Max R. Mullen, Paul J. Evans, Kristen L. Stoltz, and Erica N. Story

Celebrating our Diversity. The Education of Some Pioneering African American Chemists in Ohio., Sibrina N. Collins

Flow Back Water Treatment Using Swellable Organosilica Media, Paul L. Edmiston, J. Keener, S. Buckwald, B. Sloan, and J. Terneus

Cl 2O Photochemistry: Ultravioletvis Absorption Spectrum Temperature Dependence and O( 3P) Quantum Yield at 193 and 248 Nm, D. K. Papanastasiou, Karl J. Feierabend, and J. B. Burkholder

Selective Uptake and Biological Consequences of Environmentally Relevant Antidepressant Pharmaceutical Exposures on Male Fathead Minnows, Melissa M. Schultz, M. M. Painter, S. E. Bartell, Amanda Logue, E. T. Furlong, S. L. Werner, and H. L. Schoenfuss

Submissions from 2010

What's in your iPod?, Sibrina Collins

Simplified Method to Extract Biofuels from Aqueous Mixtures Using Organophilic Silicas that Rapidly and Reversibly Swell, Paul L. Edmiston

Detection of Vapor Phase Trinitrotoluene in the Parts-Per-Trillion Range Using Waveguide Interferometry, Paul L. Edmiston, D. P. Campbell, D. S. Gottfried, Jessi A. Baughman, and Margaret M. Timmers

Cio Radical Yields in the Reaction of O( 1D) With Cl 2, Hcl, Chloromethanes, and Chlorofluoromethanes, Karl J. Feierabend, D. K. Papanastasiou, and J. B. Burkholder

Quantitative Determination of Triclocarban in Wastewater Effluent by Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction and Liquid Desorption-Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry, Dustin R. Klein, David F. Flannelly, and Melissa M. Schultz

Antidepressant Pharmaceuticals in Two U.S. Effluent-Impacted Streams: Occurrence and Fate in Water and Sediment and Selective Uptake in Fish Neural Tissue, Melissa M. Schultz, E. T. Furlong, D. W. Kolpin, S. L. Werner, H. L. Schoenfuss, L. B. Barber, V. S. Blazer, and D. O. Norris

Unusual Photophysical Properties of s Ruthenium(Ii) Complex Related to [Ru(Bpy)2(Dppz)]2+, Y. Sun, Sibrina N. Collins, L. E. Joyce, and C. Turro