Volume 1 (2015) Black & Gold

Founders' Note

We are delighted to present the inaugural issue of Black & Gold, The College of Wooster’s first multidisciplinary research journal. We conceived of this journal as a way to celebrate the mentored research projects Wooster students undertake before they embark on Senior Independent Study. Students enthusiastically responded to our first call for submissions with work from a wide range of disciplines. This issue reflects the diverse scope of a Wooster education, exemplifying the spirit of a liberal arts curriculum. Articles range in topics from microfinance to Renaissance history to political representation of indigenous peoples. The nine student authors represent mentorship from six departments, as well as opportunities provided through the Applied Mathematical Research Experience and the Sophomore Research Program. We dedicate this issue to these nine students, whose energy and hard work represent the finest qualities of Wooster Scots.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the faculty reviewers, student and staff copyeditors, The Center for Diversity and Global Engagement, The College of Wooster Libraries, The College of Wooster Writing Center, The College of Wooster Department of Design, and the many faculty and staff members who offered ideas and encouragement.


Editorial Boards


Alicia Brazeau, Writing Center

Stephen Flynn, Libraries

Lynette Mattson, Writing Center

Faculty Board

Alicia Brazeau, Writing Center

Laura Burch, French and Francophone Studies

Stephen Flynn, Libraries

Nancy Grace, English, Center for Diversity and Global Engagement

Matt Mariola, Environmental Studies

Claudia Thompson, Psychology

Staff Editors

Tessa Hall, Writing Center

Gillian Lee '07, Writing Center

Student Editors

Emily Hrovat '16

Ellen Robinson '16

Laith Sersain '16

Alisha Wies '17