Submissions from 2016


Trapping redox partnerships in oxidant-sensitive proteins with a small, thiol-reactive cross-linker, Kristin M. Allan, Matthew A. Loberg, Juliet Chepngeno, Jennifer Hurtig, Susmit Tripathi, Min Goo Kang, Jonathan K. Allotey, Afton H. Widdershins, Jennifer M. Pilat, Herbert Sizek, Wesley J. Murphy, Matthew Naticchia, Joseph B. David, Kevin A. Morano, and James D. West

Principles of dynamical modularity in biological regulatory networks, Dávid Deritei, William C. Aird, Mária Ercsey-Ravasz, and Erzsébet Ravasz Regan

Time to Decide? Dynamical Analysis Predicts Partial Tip/Stalk Patterning States Arise during Angiogenesis, Lakshmi Venkatraman, Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, and Katie Bentley

A role of stochastic phenotype switching in generating mosaic endothelial cell heterogeneity, Lei Yuan, Gary C. Chan, David Beeler, Lauren Janes, Katherine C. Spokes, Harita Dharaneeswaran, Anahita Mojiri, William J. Adams, Tracey Sciuto, Guillermo Garcia-Cardeña, Grietje Molema, Peter M. Kang, Nadia Jahroudi, Philip A. Marsden, Ann Dvorak, Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, and William C. Aird

Submissions from 2015

Expression of the Robo4 receptor in endothelial cells is regulated by two AP-1 protein complexes., Yoshiaki Okada, Hiroki Naruse, Toru Tanaka, Nobuaki Funahashi, Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, Kazuma Yamakawa, Nobumasa Hino, Kenji Ishimoto, Takefumi Doia, and William C. Aird

Submissions from 2013

Bifunctional Electrophiles Cross-Link Thioredoxins with Redox Relay Partners in Cells, Matthew R. Naticchia, Haley A. Brown, F. J. Garcia, Andrew M. Lamade, S. L. Justice, Rachelle P. Herrin, K. A. Morano, and James D. West

Characterization of a Putative Oomycete Taurocyamine Kinase: Implications for the Evolution of the Phosphagen Kinase Family, A. Palmer, Brittany N. Begres, Jason M. Van Houten, Mark J. Snider, and Dean Fraga

Submissions from 2012

Identification and Characterization of a Putative Arginine Kinase Homolog from Myxococcus Xanthus Required for Fruiting Body Formation and Cell Differentiation, J. Bragg, Andrei Rajkovic, C. Anderson, R. Curtis, Jason M. Van Houten, Brittany N. Begres, Colin Naples, and Mark J. Snider

Flight of a Cytidine Deaminase Complex with an Imperfect Transition State Analogue Inhibitor: Mass Spectrometric Evidence for the Presence of a Trapped Water Molecule, G. K. Schroeder, L. Zhou, Mark J. Snider, X. Chen, and R. Wolfenden

The Yeast Hsp70 Ssa1 is a Sensor for Activation of the Heat Shock Response by Thiol-Reactive Compounds, Y. Wang, P. A. Gibney, James D. West, and K. A. Morano

Small Molecule Activators of the Heat Shock Response: Chemical Properties, Molecular Targets, and Therapeutic Promise, James D. West, Y. Wang, and K. A. Morano

Submissions from 2011

Flow Back Water Treatment Using Swellable Organosilica Media, Paul L. Edmiston, J. Keener, S. Buckwald, B. Sloan, and J. Terneus

An Integrated Approach to Improve the Scientific Writing of Introductory Biology Students, William Morgan, Dean Fraga, and William J. MacAuley Jr.

Enhanced Toxicity of the Protein Cross-Linkers Divinyl Sulfone and Diethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate in Comparison to Related Monofunctional Electrophiles, James D. West, Chelsea E. Stamm, Haley A. Brown, Samantha L. Justice, and K. A. Morano

Structure-Activity Comparison of the Cytotoxic Properties of Diethyl Maleate and Related Molecules: Identification of Diethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate as a Thiol Cross-Linking Agent, James D. West, Chelsea E. Stamm, and P. J. Kingsley

Submissions from 2010

Simplified Method to Extract Biofuels from Aqueous Mixtures Using Organophilic Silicas that Rapidly and Reversibly Swell, Paul L. Edmiston

Detection of Vapor Phase Trinitrotoluene in the Parts-Per-Trillion Range Using Waveguide Interferometry, Paul L. Edmiston, D. P. Campbell, D. S. Gottfried, Jessi A. Baughman, and Margaret M. Timmers

Protein Phosphatase 2B (Pp2B, Calcineurin) in Paramecium: Partial Characterization Reveals that Two Members of the Unusually Large Catalytic Subunit Family Have Distinct Roles in Calcium-Dependent Processes, Dean Fraga, I. M. Sehring, R. Kissmehl, M. Reiss, R. Gaines, Robert Hinrichsen, and H. Plattner