Associate Professor - Art and Art History [Department Chair]: Kara Morrow

A major in Studio Art provides students with the opportunity to explore theories and methods of creating art; this exploration culminates in a gallery showing of the artist’s work. Recent projects include the nude understood as a lens; an exploration of hyperbolic geometry; and the creation of an illustrated fantasy world.

Art History majors explore the visual art of various cultures and develop deep familiarity with the terms and general discourse used to establish a shared understanding of the creative works of humans. Many Art History majors avail themselves of the opportunity to travel in order to understand works and cultures more intimately. Independent Study projects in Art History recently included an iconographic study of the sexual female in tarot, a retrospective of the artist Francesco Clemente with commentary on his understanding of Tantrism, and a discussion of the consequences of attempting to preserve street art.

The Art History and Studio Art department is located in Ebert Hall.


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