The Thistle was the main student literary magazine that was published between 1957-1983. By the late 1960s, even The Thistle had its own edgier offshoots such as Rabadash (1968-1969) and Wooster Survival Manual (1969).

Wooster Survival Manual is a lighthearted publication intended to help incoming students adjust to life at Wooster. The publication is a short stapled booklet published by Thistle, the cover depicts a cartoon student tied to a cross on a simple white paper cover. The first couple of pages list grocery stores and restaurants in the area. Then there is a page titled "Free Living" that humorously instructs readers how to acquire free vegetables, money, security, and college. The section "Anti-Inflatinary" instructs students on how to identify undercover cops and how to recover from bad acid trips. The rest of the booklet includes poetry, humorous advice, and drawings. For example, a piece called "Flush and Sing" instructs people on how to transmit their shower singing to the underground sewer via a tube and the toilet. The last page includes an advertisement making fun of joining the army and information about how to buy a book that better outlines how to not get in trouble with the law. Wooster Survival Guide was edited by Karen Wenger.


Student publications; poetry; Do-it-yourself work; Satire; Caricatures and cartoons; Recreational drug use

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