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This edition includes the first of a series of installments of a paper read by a Professor in front of the Century Club of Wooster on Jewish Music and Musicians. A variety of articles discuss the exciting events taking place on campus, including articles on the display of the Northern lights, on the recent tryouts for Glee Club, and a stag held by the Irving Society the previous week. The literary section of the newspaper includes articles on the Willard’s Literary Society, the Castalian Literary Society, Athenaean and the Irving Society. Later on in the paper, an entire page is dedicated to an article which recounts the highlights of Wooster’s victory against the Ohio State University’s football team and lists the scores. Another article discusses the athletic association meeting and football rally that took place earlier in the week. Advertisements from local businesses have been distributed throughout the last few pages of the newspaper.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Jewish Music and Musicians, Century Club of Wooster, Glee Club, Irving Society, Willard's, Athenaean, Castalian, Literary Societies, football, historical advertisements

Wooster voice. (Wooster, Ohio), 1908-10-06

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