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Index 2011
Jackie O'Dell


The Index 2009
Christina Zink


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Index 2007
Marilyn Downing and Taylor Swope


The 2006 Index
Marilyn Downing and Nora Cascadden


The 2005 Index
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The 2004 Index
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2003 Index
Jessica Kellner


2002 Index
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2001 Index
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2000 Index
Jessica DuPlaga and Marcie Kasek


1999 Index
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The Index 1998
Jessica DuPlaga


Index 1997
Jessica DuPlaga


Index 1996
Melissa Sculac and Nicole Dodds


The 1995 Index
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The Index 1994
Elise M. Bates and Erin G. Cross


The Index 1990
Kathleen Quinn


Index 1989
Ken Robinson and Laurie Kerlin


Index 1988
Marnie Sofield

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