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In this edition of the Voice, the Xi Chi Psi lounge is vandalized by not identified any suspects. The International Relations Colloquium features a talk by Aaron Knight, Student Programs Director of the World Federalist organization, entitled "Restructuring the United Nations for the 21st Century: The Case for Global Governance.” An article discusses the advocacy work done by the organization “Lambda” for the LGBT community on campus. A group of students doing “Green Bombs” around Wooster, steal the Lincoln statue and replace it with a black and yellow bike. Additionally, this issue of the Voice includes a comic about “little sibs weekend.” Athletic updates for the past week are featured on pages ten to twelve of this edition of the Voice.

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The College of Wooster


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Xi Chi Psi, Greek life, Greek Life Committee, fraternities, vandalism, Aaron Knight, international relations, international relations colloquium, World Federalist organization, the United Nations, global governance, lambda, LGBT rights, LGBTQ+, green bombs, queer college students, little sibs weekend, Lambda Legal, civil rights, gay rights, HIV


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The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1993-04-16