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This edition of the Wooster Voice released the obituary of Wooster student Christine Hulke (1979-2000). Christine died while hiking with her twin sister and two friends from the college in Mohican State Park. Christine was 20 years old, and an active and bright member of the women's soccer team. She played alongside her twin sister, and both women lived on the same floor of Holden Annex. Christine was a beloved member of the team, and a beloved student at the college. Christine's parents were vacationing in Mexico for their second honeymoon when they were informed of Christine's passing. The college certainly felt the loss of such a bright young life in the years after Christine's passing.

The Phi Sigma Alpha fraternity has been found guilty of six violations of the Code of Social Responsibility as stated in The Scot's Key. The Campus Council is debating adding another seat for administrators. Athletic updates for the past week are highlighted on pages ten to twelve of this edition.

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The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 2000-03-02