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On the front page of this edition of the Wooster Voice, there is an article with the headline, "Sigs face allegations in J-Board." Phi Sigma Alpha, a fraternity on campus, was scheduled to go before the Judicial Board due to allegations of inappropriate conduct according to a college security officer. The officer contents that on February 5, 2000, during a new member initiation night, his buttocks were grabbed and full cans of beer were thrown at him. The Sigs chose to have these matters settled in front of the Judicial Board. There is another article on the front page that details the problems with Greek life housing for the upcoming year (2000-2001). During this time, the Omegas, a fraternity, were denied section housing. Furthermore, all of Greek life was split between Armington and Bissman, essentially dividing all of Greek life. In the pages that follow, there is an article that discusses the appearance of swastikas on campus. During the week of February 7, 2000, swastikas were carved into the fabric of four chairs in the main computer lab of Taylor Hall. Finally, the last few pages of the paper are dedicated to athletics and sporting events on campus or including the college's teams. During this year, the men's basketball team beat Kenyon in a significant win.

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Greek Life, Pan-Hellenic, fraternity, inappropriate conduct, housing, Phi Sigman Alpha, Omega, vandalism, basketball, sports, athletics


College fraternity members; College fraternities; Fraternities; Omega; Vandalism

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 2000-02-24