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This edition of the Wooster Voice opens with an article on SGA. After having inquiries made about a charter violation on SGA's part, the Campus Council Charter Committee investigated. In the days that followed, the committee cleared SGA from all allegations of charter violations and unconstitutionality. The other front page headline article is on the subject of the Director of Human Resources at the college. Gary Thompson, the director, was sentenced on January 2nd, 2000 for an alcohol-related arrest from the year before (December, 1999). Thompson failed a sobriety test after being pulled over for speeding on the way to his daughter's orthodontist appointment. In addition to a $500 fine and a one year suspension of his license, he was sentenced to a 15-day jail term. In the pages that follow, there is an article that details the Scot Band playing in Cleveland. There is also information about events that students can attend, and things that they can do, on and near campus. This includes movie showtimes and a list of events going on at the Underground, the bar for students on campus. Finally, the newspaper ends with a few pages detailing the sport and athletic events going on at the college. This includes the debut of the indoor track and field team.

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College student government; Student Government; Cleveland (inhabited place); Motion pictures; Track and field

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 2000-01-27