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This edition's articles include: curricular changes that emphasize interdisciplinary courses; a reversal of a registration change that would have allowed freshmen to choose courses first; Governor Richard Celeste trying to rally student support against two issues up for vote, namely, a repeal of tax increase legislation and a bill that would require 3/5 support for any legislation rather than a simple majority; the State Department of Education's review of the Teacher Education Program at Wooster; the ongoing debate about the Nuclear Freeze; a pro and con segment for "Should the United States Marines Be in Lebanon?"; the potential for increases in technology to increase the disparity between women's and men's employment; a performance by an alumni group called the HomeStrung Puppeteers; a full page article on the exhibit of Margaret Bourke-White's photography in Frick Art Building; a review of the play The Seagull; and pictures and statements of SGA candidates.

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registration, Teacher Education Program, Kenarden, Diary of a Play, SGA elections


Universities and colleges--Curricula; Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign; Women--Employment--Effect of technological innovations on; Bourke-White, Margaret, 1904-1971; College student government--Elections

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1983-11-04

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