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This issue of the Wooster Voice features a report on a trusteeship meeting and its decision to divest from South Africa in the College investment fund. Also featured is a story about Ronald Reagan's cuts to federal student aid resulting in a reevaluation of Wooster student aid policy. Finally, there is an article about nuclear disarmament and the United Nations declaration of "International Disarmament Week." Page 2 features a student call for total divestment from South Africa in light of Apartheid, and a piece decrying the current Soviet-American arms race. Finally, there are several letters and a petition decrying an anonymous piece published by a faculty member commenting on the firing of Wooster librarian Ellen Keever. Page 3 features several pieces arguing over a petition calling for the administration to support a certain set of arguments. Page 4 features a communist piece responding to a previous week's piece arguing that the Eastern Bloc enjoys freedom of religion, a piece arguing against divestment in South Africa on the grounds that doing so would only yield a clear conscience but not have any actual effect. Page 5 features continued articles and two lectures: one on metals in chemistry and a poetry reading. Page 6 features a student's description of his study abroad experiences in Colombia, a report on Socialist victories in Greece, and a piece calling for political awareness. Page 7 features a piece on draft dodging, a report on Ku Klux Klan activity in Florida, and a continued article. Page 8 features a report on a jazz concert, a traveling show, and an art piece on how women view men. Page 9 features an article arguing that the American criminal justice system needs to be reformed to be more efficient and that it should benefit from increased funding. Page 10 features a piece arguing that Ronald Reagan's cuts to student aid effect black students the most. Also featured is a piece on "pseudo-drugs," or legal substitutes for harder drugs. Pages 11-12 consist of continued articles and the sports section.

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Voting Rights; Voting; Christianity; City and town life; Cold War; Communism; Communist movements;

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1981-10-30

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