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This issue starts with a report on the Three Mile Island nuclear power reactor shutdown. William Baird, Vice President of Academic Affairs, gives a lecture entitled "Black Students and GLCA Colleges: Why Should Each Seek the Other Out?" to Wooster students.The University of Massachusetts-Amherst has become the third school to join a national boycott of Nestle, Inc. products in protest of the company's marketing of infant formula in underdeveloped countries. The Ohio College Association is granted permission by the People's Republic of China to send a delegation of Ohio college and university faculty and administrators on a follow-up mission to China. This edition includes a cartoon called "Forecasters' Roadmap of the 1980s." Ellen Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Art History at Oberlin College, is set to speak at the college on the topic of "Women's Artist." Additionally, the Voice reports a spike in college suicide rates.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Three Mile Island, anti-nuclear, William Baird, black college students, GLCA colleges, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Nestle, Nestle boycott, The Ohio College Association, People's Republic of China, Ellen Johnson, Oberlin College, women in art, college suicide, college suicide rates


Suicide; TMI Nuclear Power Plant (Pa.); Women artists; Consumer boycotts; College newspapers; College athletics

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1980-04-25